A Debt Discharge Is Within Reach Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This Type Of Bankruptcy Can Erase Your Debts

How would it feel to wake up a few months from now and know that most or all of your consumer debts have actually disappeared? Through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many struggling debtors experience this type of debt relief. Credit card debts, installment loans, medical bills, dental bills, home repair bills and other debts can actually be wiped out altogether if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and complete the necessary steps.

Do Not Let Questions About Legal Fees Stop You From Getting Free Advice

“How will I afford to pay a bankruptcy lawyer if I cannot pay my bills?” is a question many people use as an excuse not to put off getting legal advice as debt spins out of control. The Law Office of Dena Ghobashy, PLLC, in Poughkeepsie, New York, has witnessed many clients find reasonable answers to this dilemma. Attorney Dena Ghobashy can share ideas on this issue and related topics during a free initial consultation.

Would A Bankruptcy Alternative Be Better?

“Can’t I fix my debt problem with a loan modification or a debt consolidation program?” is another common question from new clients in Dutchess County, Orange County and elsewhere. Rest assured that Ms. Ghobashy will not urge you toward bankruptcy if a bankruptcy alternative is better suited to your overall circumstances. Helping you understand and explore your options is part of the process of helping you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you. If you have one or two large debts, direct negotiation with that lender or lenders may be a good alternative.

But if bankruptcy is your best option, starting sooner rather than later is beneficial.

Debt Discharge Is Not Possible With All Types Of Debt

“What about student loans, unpaid child support and back taxes?” you may ask. In fact, some debts cannot usually be discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you have one of these financial problems or substantial home equity, debt reorganization and repayment through Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be more appropriate for you.

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