Is Bankruptcy The Right Debt Relief Option For You?

Many individuals and families encounter financial challenges that prove difficult to overcome. A job loss, a health crisis, a divorce, death of a spouse or any change in family or life circumstances can make it hard to pay the bills. When debts begin to take control of your life in Dutchess County, Orange County or elsewhere, you may first try to resolve the problem yourself by:

  • Using cash advances from credit cards to pay off other credit cards
  • Selling collectibles or extra vehicles
  • Working overtime or taking on a second job
  • Borrowing money from relatives
  • Seeking to negotiate better payoff terms with creditors

Stopgap efforts such as these may help somewhat. However, debt relief becomes more critical when you simply do not have the income or assets necessary to resolve debts such as medical bills or unmanageable, high-interest credit card debts. Your mortgage debt may have ballooned beyond your ability to pay. You may be struggling with debts originating from an extraordinary problem such as a house fire, storm damage, a car accident or a similar disaster. Sooner or later, you may begin experiencing real financial obstacles such as:

  • Creditor harassment
  • Bank levies
  • Wage garnishment
  • Car repossession
  • Threats of property seizure or home foreclosure

Like many honest, hardworking people, you may feel a moral obligation to pay debts that you signed for. Filing for bankruptcy (most likely Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) may seem like a last resort or even failure. In fact, however, it is a perfectly honest legal remedy provided for in the U.S. Constitution. Many distinguished Americans have used bankruptcy to overcome excessive debt.

Coming to the realization that bankruptcy is a legal, straightforward way of facing financial troubles head-on can be a revelation. Working closely with an empathetic, plain-speaking lawyer on your side can be reassuring. New York bankruptcy attorney Dena Ghobashy works closely with clients from beginning to end of a debt relief case.

Click here to complete the first requirement in filing for bankruptcy by taking the credit counseling course with a U.S. Trustee approved agency. This second website offers a personal financial management instructional course. This is to be taken after filing bankruptcy, but prior to the bankruptcy discharge

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