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Understanding the path ahead is the first step toward resolving your immigration or debt relief challenges. You may have already tried to figure out answers on your own — and wisely realized that you need a lawyer's help. Once you begin working with attorney Dena Ghobashy, you can rest assured you will be kept well-informed and ready to make the right choices for your situation.

Which Form Of Debt Relief Will Work For You?

If debt relief is what you need, a key question is this: Is a bankruptcy alternative or bankruptcy the best way forward? If bankruptcy, which form of bankruptcy? Explore your options with guidance from lawyer Dena Ghobashy.

Have you wondered about a home loan modification or a debt consolidation plan? In fact, bankruptcy may provide a more direct path to a fresh start. Bankruptcy has the power to stop creditor harassment and stop foreclosure while you take back control of your financial future.

Which Immigration Solution?

If you seek an immigration solution, an experienced lawyer can help you explore all your options. A careful review of your circumstances will help determine how you can get a family-based visa, a work visa or a green card without unnecessary delays.

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A frank, confidential conversation with a lawyer who understands your issues is a promising beginning to the legal solution you need. Call or email The Law Office of Dena Ghobashy, PLLC, to schedule a consultation at your convenience.


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